SIMPLY FREE – this book will change your life forever

SIMPLY FREE – this book reveals the biggest secret of human existence

Reader reviews

‚Five star plus!‘

‚This book has the ability to clear up the many misconceptions that thoughts create.‘

‚Thank to this book my search is over.‘

‚This book is really an extraordinarly pearl.‘

‚Oliver Bosshard speaks in plain text, radically.‘

 ‚Anyone who has read Eckhart Tolle will love this book.‘

‚A jewel‘

Do you want to be really free?

  • Are you looking for boundless freedom?
  • Do you want to wake up from the dream of separation and become ONE with everything?
  • Do you want to reveal the secret core of all religions?
  • Do you want to live truly in the here and now?

This is the one book you have to read!

I wrote this jewel just for you. It reveals to you everything you will ever need to know about the greatest mystery of human existence. It will set you free. I know it because I experienced it myself.
Let me take you by the hand.

Your Oliver Bosshard

Oliver Bosshard

Oliver Bosshard

Oliver Bosshard (spoken: Boss Hard), the author of this powerful book is a Satsang teacher in Switzerland. He teaches pure non-dualism without compromises which stands beyond religions, philosophies and beliefs.

Oliver is not a guru. He is a silent companion who, with a portion of humour, accompanies all concepts of the searching person ad absurdum, till Nothing remains. This ‘Nothing’ is THAT which has always been longed for. It’s the end of a journey which never began.