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SATSANG – The End of your Spiritual Quest for Enlightenment


‚Liberation is always closer than you think‘

What the readers say about ‚SIMPLY FREE‘:

‚This book has the ability to clear up the many misconceptions that thoughts create.‘

‚SIMPLY FREE‘ – a book like a pearl in the Satsang ocean

Are you looking for ways to become ONE with everything?
Are you looking for boundless freedom?
Are you looking for God or for the meaning of life?
Do you believe that there must be something ‘more’?
Do you meditate, maybe with the intention of becoming enlightened, even if you don’t really like to admit it?
Are you part of a spiritual or religious community, but not always truly in tune with its intentions?
Are you trying hard to live consciously in the here and now?

If you can reply ‘yes’ to some of these questions, then you are the perfect person to read my book ‚SIMPLY FREE – The End of your Spiritual Quest for Enlightenment‘.

But be warned! A lot of things in your life could change. It might be that the person you now think you are disappears, complete with all the attendant existential and spiritual questions and longing for Oneness.

Yes, dear reader, this is a risk you have to take, because your questions will only be answered with the disappearance of the person you believe yourself to be now.

Happy reading!

Oliver Bosshard

Simply Free - Non-dual Satsang

‘What you are looking for – Oneness, God, Truth or however you call it – is always here NOW. It can never be found, because seeker and sought are one and the same.’

Reader reviews

„Five star plus!“

„This book has the ability to clear up the many misconceptions that thoughts create.“

„Thank to this book my search is over.“ (german edition)

„This book is really an extraordinarly pearl.“ (german edition)

„Oliver Bosshard speaks in plain text, radically.“ (german edition)

 „Anyone who has read Eckhart Tolle will like this book.“ (german edition)


The paperback version of SIMPLY FREE – The End of your Spiritual Quest for Enlightenment‘  is available at every online bookstore, or per order at your local bookstore (ISBN: 978-3033035669).

For the Amazon kindle e-book please visit:
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The Author
Oliver Bosshard

Oliver Bosshard – author and spiritual teacher

Satsang with Oliver Bosshard is pure non-dualism without compromises and stands beyond religions, philosophies and beliefs.

Oliver is not a guru. He is a silent companion who, with a portion of humour, accompanies all concepts of the searching person ad absurdum, till Nothing remains.
This ‘Nothing’ is THAT which has always been longed for.
It’s the end of a journey which never began.

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